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Sofia FarahSofia Farah is a Master’s student in the Global Studies program. She is a global grad from Temuco, in the south of Chile.

1. What made you choose UNC/NC when deciding on a program/place to study?

I chose Global Studies because it is an innovative and flexible program oriented to professionals working in non-academic settings. Also, I had visited Chapel Hill as a child and fell in love with the campus and its libraries.   

2. What is the most different thing you’ve seen or experienced since being here in comparison to your home country?

Even though I’ve lived in the United States before, I never get used to the culture here in terms of personal space, such as the need to ask someone before giving them a hug. 

3. What is something you wish you had known before moving here?

I did not know that most of the good coffee places to study are in Carrboro, so if you are a graduate student without a car it is better to live in Carrboro instead of Chapel Hill.

4. Where is a place in your home country that every tourist should visit and why?

You shouldn’t miss Torres del Paine in Patagonia, with breathtaking mountains and glaciers. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

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