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The UNC Counseling and Psychological Services is now offering:

First in the Family Support Group

Join us for

-Support from other First Gen’ers (undergrad and grad)

-A safe place to discuss your fears and concerns

-To discuss networking opportunities and career searchers


1:30-2:30 pm

James A. Taylor Building, 3rd Floor
320 Emergency Room Drive
CB# 7470
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Are you the first in your family to go to college?

If so, congratulations and welcome to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!  Being the first in your family to attend college can be an exciting and eye opening journey, and can be a source of great pride and hope to a family.  However, it can also be a challenging and isolating experience.  The First in the Family group is a safe and nurturing environment for Carolina’s first generation college students to discuss the challenges of being the first in the family to attend college with others who “get it.”  The group will be a place to give and receive support, and will touch on topics such as financial stressors, maintaining boundaries, networking, and family conflicts, in order to help students to be successful academically, professionally, and personally.

We recognize that first generation college students are pioneers in the journey of higher education, and as such, have unique needs in navigating the college experience. Join us at First in the Family to help develop your road map to success!

This group requires an initial assessment at CAPS. The therapist will help you schedule a brief screening interview to see that the group will adequately address your reasons for coming to the group.

email for more information

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