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Darren Hearn is a first year doctoral student in the Human Movement Science Curriculum. He studies primary prevention of musculoskeletal injuries under the mentorship of Dr. Darin Padua. 

1. What is the biggest difference you’ve noticed in transitioning from military life to civilian life?

The biggest difference is the amount of flexible time I now have.  Though there is now very little separation between personal and professional life, I have more time with my family, which I enjoy immensely.

2. What is something you wish you had known before moving here?

We were actually stationed close to the University, but I wish I had paid closer attention to some of the military-affiliated scholarships that are available.

3. What is an important lesson that you learned in the military that has helped you in grad school?

As is true with many, the military nurtured my self-discipline and that has been a key element to success thus far in graduate school.

  1. What made you choose UNC/NC when deciding on a program/place to study?

I met some of the leaders within the program and their obvious focus on developing students and researchers made me want to be part of their team.


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