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The 2018 Summer Undergraduate Pipeline (SUP) Research Symposium provided an opportunity for undergraduate students engaging in research
under the direction of UNC Chapel Hill faculty to present their research to a broad audience of faculty, staff, students from across campus and the general public.

There were 135 student presenters from 14 summer undergraduate research programs that participated in the symposium.

WHEN:  Wednesday, July 25th, 9:00am-12:30pm

WHERE: George Watts Hill Alumni Center

This Symposium provided opportunities for oral and poster presentations, with awards provided in each category.

2018 SUP Research Symposium AWARDEES:

ORAL Presentations

1st Place: Mark Griffith (CPC Scholar), Dartmouth College

Research Title: “The Association between Birthplace and Wages for Recent Caribbean Migrants to the United States”

Research Mentor: Barbara Entwisle, Department of Sociology

2nd Place: Aleo Pugh (MURAP Scholar), Pitzer College

Research Title: “I was Leery of Being Consumed: Working-Class Black Dissent and the Legacy of Brown v Board of Education”

Research Mentor: Kennetta Perry, Department off History

3rd Place: Ana Sofia Ocegueda (McNair Scholar), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Title: “Depressive Symptoms and Suicide Ideation among Latinx Adolescents: Associations with Connectedness to Parents and Schools”

Research Mentor: Helyne Frederick, School of Education


POSTER Presentations

1st Place: Jason Guo (CSS Scholar), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Title: “Creating a Rad18 Overexpression Virus to Investigate DNA Damage Tolerance”

Research Mentor: Scott Williams, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

2nd Place: Da’Jhnae Gambrell-Sanders (CSF Scholar), Clark Atlanta University

Research Title: “Evaluating ERKi sensitivity in HRAS-mutant head and neck squamous cell Carcinoma”

Research Mentor: Adrienne Cox, Department of Pharmacology

3rd Place: William Hamilton (IDEA Scholar), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Title: “Isolating Storm Flow Events to Better Understand Nutrient Transport in the Jordan Lake Watershed”

Research Mentor: Diego Riveros-Iregui, Department of Geography


For more information, contact:

Kathy Wood, Co-Director
Diversity & Student Success Program or (919) 962-2509