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SUP 2019 Professional Development Seminar & Resources


ALL seminars: will be held at the FedEx Global Education Center &
LUNCH will be provided.


Effective Communication

Wednesday, May 29th 

12:00pm in Room 1015 / Nelson Mandela Auditorium

Led by Jessica Harrell

This will be an interactive seminar with topics around: Communication Techniques, Mentor / Mentee, How to Handle “Sticky Situations”

SUP 2019 Effective Communication Handouts


Graduate Student Panel – How to maximize your summer research experience

Wednesday, June 5th

12:30pm in breakout sessions in classrooms 1st floor

Learn about the types of things you want to think about this summer: specific examples would be Impostor Syndrome, Self-Efficacy, and strategies for getting a good experience


Graduate Student Panel – Graduate School at Carolina

Wednesday, June 26th

12:00pm in breakout sessions in classrooms 1st floor

Specifics about the Carolina experience and the actual application process (finding recommenders, locating a lab/advisor, etc.)


Preparing a Statement of Interest

Wednesday, July 10th

12:00pm in Room 1015 / Nelson Mandela Auditorium

Led by Brian Rybarczyk

Hands-on, interactive seminar where students will actually begin to write their Statement