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[label type=”label-success”] — 2019 —


IME Training Up: Intro to Python

IME Conference Networking

IME Training Up: Managing Datasets in R

[label type=”label-success”] — 2018 —



Dismantling Racism in Health Panel Video


Brotherhood of Success: Mental Health 101

Common ThreadsA resource for students to find writing
partners/groups, workout buddies,
coding tutors, and to offer their skills
to help others

Writing Coach Resources:

Establishing a Writing Habit
Tackling Unproductivity
The Writing Process
Two Useful Strategies: Reverse-Outlining and the Synthesis Matrix
Understanding Your Discipline, Part I
Understanding Your Discipline, Part II
Learning Your Writing Style, Part I
Learning Your Writing Style, Part II
Getting Constructive Feedback
What is an audience?
The Publication Process
Writing Revisions

[label type=”label-success”] — 2017 —


Marketing Yourself 101

Ford Foundation Fellowship Seminar

Contributions to Diversity