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Presentation Time: 9:00-9:20
Home University: Bennett College
Research Mentor: Ann Sam, Jessica Steinbrenner, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute
Program: McKinney Scholars Program
Research Title: Self determination in early Childhood

During this presentation, I will share information on self-determination in early childhood. Self-determination is a way that provides support to individuals so they can have the ability to learn, grow, and much more. There are several aspects of becoming self-determined: choice-making, decision-making, goal setting, problem-solving, planning, self-management, and self-advocacy. Throughout my presentation, I will be speaking about the self-determination Learning Model of Support (SDLMS). The self-determination learning model of support guides children towards independence by helping them set a goal, take action, and adjusting to that specific goal. In addition, I will be providing a case study example from my life. It will illustrate what self-determination can look like to help children with or without a disability. I will share an interview with my parents that I conducted. In this interview, they spoke about everything I experienced in the early stages of my life related to self-determination, from my challenges to my success.
In conclusion, self-determination can be essential for children with or without a disability. Self-determination skills enable individuals to assume greater responsibility and control. Moreover, when people with disabilities take responsibility for planning and decision-making, others change their views and expectations. The reason why I choose this project was that I could make a connection.