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The Graduate School broadly defines diversity. This definition includes but is not limited to graduate and professional students who are racially/ethnically diverse, first-generation, international, LGBTQIA+, or are military-affiliated.

Diversity Mission:

Diverse experiences, backgrounds, viewpoints, and contributions are key elements for the success of any enterprise. The Graduate School at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is committed to sustaining a diverse graduate student body and fostering a climate of inclusion and acceptance. We aim to contribute to the successful degree completion of each student through targeted academic and professional development programs.

Diversity Recruitment:

The Graduate School is committed to a diverse graduate study body and through DSS, is involved in broad recruitment efforts. We welcome the opportunity to work with programs/departments/schools with the efforts below as well as in strategizing their recruitment endeavors. Visit our Diverse Student Travel Recruitment page to learn more about the nomination process and application system.

“I cannot imagine completing my doctoral program without the support, community, and resources I received from Diversity and Student Success. Their programs have been vital for me as I successfully applied for fellowships and grants and as I tackled the milestones needed to finish my degree. I am forever grateful for DSS.” —Brionca Taylor; Ph.D. candidate; Department of Sociology

Featured video: Initiative for Minority Excellence

The Initiative for Minority Excellence focuses on the retention and the successful graduation of our racially/ethnically diverse graduate students.

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Recent Highlights

Lisa Pham

Carolina Grad Student F1RSTS: Lisa Pham

First-generation graduate student Lisa Pham is motivated to pursue graduate school based on her family’s love of food and the connections that can come from sharing a meal.

DeeAnn Spicer wearing a black shirt

Initiative for Minority Excellence: DeeAnn Spicer

Ph.D. student DeeAnn Spicer has attended Writing Wednesdays with our Initiative for Minority Excellence—she says they’ve helped her feel like part of a community while in graduate school.

Sinan Yorukoglu standing in front of a body of water.

Global Grads: Sinan Yorukoglu

Sinan Yorukoglu is an international student studying statistics and operation who has built community at Carolina through events on campus and meeting new people.

Woman in tan shirt standing in front of bricks

Carolina Grad Student F1RSTS: Traci Thompson

Traci Thompson is a master’s degree student in public administration who has built community by networking with other graduate students outside of her discipline.

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