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Rigo Liao is a global grad from Brazil. He is a first-year candidate in the Master’s in Public Health program in the Department of Health Behavior.

1. What made you choose UNC/NC when deciding on a program/place to study?

I moved to the US one year before the start of the program at UNC. At the time, I was taking pre-health classes at Durham Tech, thinking of doing a nutrition-related program somewhere else. I came to the state because my partner was offered a fellowship position and I wanted to go back to school. Having been here, I was already in love with the town when I applied to UNC, but I never thought I had the profile to be admitted to the School of Global Public Health.

  1. What is the most different thing you’ve seen or experienced since being here in comparison to your home country?

I left Brazil 10 years ago, and lived in three other places before coming here, so my answer might not be too accurate. Also, I have been aware of American history and culture all my life, so it’s not like I was landing in completely unchartered territory. Having said all that, I really enjoy the way most homes do not have fences and how I get to communicate with people in the streets and in my neighborhood.

  1. What is something you wish you had known before moving here?

I wish I knew I was going to like it so much. I have made great friends and I am very happy to be living in Chapel Hill/Carrboro. I have also come with a great support system, my partner having grown up a couple hours away from here and with people we knew from our stay in Malawi, where UNC has a big medical partnership.

  1. Where is a place in your home country that every tourist should visit and why?

Come visit Brasília and the Central West Region. There is the uniqueness of the architectural design and the planned part of our capital, but also many beautiful hikes and waterfalls less than 150 miles away. The region also has the Pantanal area with marshes full of beautiful wildlife.


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