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Dr. Trusha Taneja is a master of professional science (PSM) student in the Carolina Health Informatics Program. As a pharmacist, she is driven toward using technology to make the healthcare system safer, affordable and more efficient.

What made you choose UNC-Chapel Hill when deciding on a program/place to study? 

Graduate student Trusha Taneja poses in front of Wilson Library.
Trusha Taneja

In my search for a program best suited to me, I found that the health informatics program at UNC is distinguished in its blend of course offerings, ranging from information science to professional development. In addition, there is emphasis on cultivating business skills without having to take a full-fledged MBA. As part of the Professional Science Master’s program, you’re also required to do an internship in the specialization of your choice, which is an incredible opportunity to put the theory into practice and learn from industry leaders.

Tell us about your research.

I work with the Well-Being Team within the Division of Healthcare Engineering at the School of Medicine. We are working on understanding and analyzing the healthcare workspace, including information systems, to identify causes and contributors to workplace burden and stress among healthcare providers. Our aim is to implement an innovative method to reduce provider burnout.

What are some of your favorite places and things to do in your home country?

As a loyal Bombayite, my favorite hangout is Marine Drive, which is a scenic road bordering the Arabian Sea. It is the perfect spot to catch up with friends, go for a run, or watch the sun set over the horizon. An activity I really miss is devouring the local street food, which is not only inexpensive and easily accessible but also immensely flavorful.

What are you hoping to accomplish with your Carolina degree?

The Carolina Health Informatics Program (CHIP) has allowed me to gain a broader understanding of the systemic and technological issues faced by the current healthcare system. As a pharmacist, armed with a PSM degree, I plan to incorporate this knowledge in my clinical practice to improve safety and patient outcomes through the use of innovative technology.

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