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Amy Wright is a second-year master’s student in the School of Social Work. They also serve as a social work coordinator for the Student Health Action Coalition free health clinic and the social work student representative on the Student Executive Committee for the Office of Interprofessional Education and Practice. Amy received their undergraduate degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, as well, with a double major in psychology and communication studies, and a minor in social and economic justice.


Amy Wright

What made you choose UNC-Chapel Hill when deciding on a program/place to study?
UNC’s social work program has an excellent reputation, plus I don’t have to pay out-of-state tuition. And it has so many great electives to choose from!! Now that I’ve been in the program for a year, I would add that having a whole building dedicated to the social work graduate program really helps to foster community among students, and is another reason why I would choose to come here.

Tell us about your research.
I don’t have a research project at this time, but at my field placement this year I am thrilled to be providing individual therapy and likely group therapy. At my field placement last year I enjoyed planning and facilitating groups for clients with severe and persistent mental illnesses.

What does it mean to be a first-generation graduate student in your family?
My dad is proud of me for being the first in the family, and my mom is cheering me on and is happy that I’m thriving! I think I may have inspired my older brother to go to grad school as well!

What are you hoping to accomplish with your Carolina degree?
I want to be an individual and group therapist upon graduation, then move into leadership roles while still providing therapy. Eventually, I’d like to write books and speak about anything new or different I can bring to the field. In my free time, in addition to self-care, I want to engage in advocacy work. There are so many important causes worth advocating for, and many of them are so interlinked, that I will very likely continue to advocate for many causes. Though I have a career path in mind, with an MSW degree I’ll have tons of options, so I’m keeping my mind open to everything that’s out there!

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