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Where do you consider to be your hometown?

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Jesus Vazquez stands in front of a mountain range.
Jesus Vazquez

What is your degree program?

Ph.D. in biostatistics

What motivates you?

All decisions that we make come with a level of uncertainty. The uncertainty that comes with health decisions is costly not only to our health but the health of our communities. Health decisions should not be made without a sound framework, and this is what continuously motivates me to do research in biostatistics.

Why did you chose UNC-Chapel Hill?

The wide variety of research areas provided by the Department of Biostatistics and the quality of connections I made during my visit made helped my decision to choose UNC-Chapel Hill for my Ph.D. I solidified my decision to attend UNC-Chapel Hill when I realized I could use my statistical skills to solve problems that affected my community though the study of Latinos, the largest population-based cohort study of Latinos in the U.S. hosted by the Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center.

How have you built community at Carolina?

The Diversity and Student Success initiative was and continues to be an instrumental resource for me to connect with other students of color, first-generation, and queer. I have also built a community at Carolina by volunteering with the UNC Gilling’s School of Public Health Student Government Association for two years by serving as the fundraising coordinator, and currently as the biostatistics student representative. I’m also currently involved with the biostatistics department by serving as the liaison to the Department of Statistics and Operations Research.

Describe Diversity and Student Success in five words!

Keep the free food coming!
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