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Presentation Time: 9:25-9:45
Home University: Fayetteville State University
Research Mentor: Christina Kasprzak and Thomas McGhee, Technical Assistance
Program: McKinney Scholars Program
Research Title: How can we Educate, Empower and Connect Families about their Rights within the Individualized Education Plan ( IEP)

My research project is focused on finding ways to educate, empower and connect families about knowing their rights within the IEP process. I had the opportunity to interview five individuals within the education arena: a teacher, administrator, provider, parent, and lastly, a student. I interviewed them to see the different issues they are facing and how we can improve communication within the IEP process. There was one common thread throughout all my interviews: the process and their rights are not explained with a clear understanding. Throughout my presentation, I will provide recommendations that will help improve the issues so that we can start closing the gap of families not understanding the rights.